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Not Enough Storage

Have you ever tried to update an app on your mobile phone and received an error message that there is isn’t enough storage space? When this error message occurs, the update won’t complete until there is enough room on the phone.

So you start going through your apps, photos, notes, etc. to create space. When you do this, you realize all of the extra gadgets and unnecessary items on your phone that slow things down, not allowing the phone to operate like it should or how it did when you first purchased it. Once you clear up some of this junk, things started working much more easily, and the new app can download, too.

The same is true for our bodies: when there is too much “junk,” or vertebral subluxation, causing miscommunication between our brain and the rest of our body, things just don’t operate like they should, or how our bodies were intended to. If we remove the “junk,” our bodies can operate much more smoothly.

Visit ChiroWay to remove vertebral subluxation and help keep your body functioning at its very best!

Written by: Kaley Jacobsson, DC | ChiroWay of Monticello

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