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Keep ChiroWay on your Facebook Newsfeed

Recently, Facebook made some changes to what you see in your News Feed. We will spare you the technical details, but basically they have changed what is displayed so that anything posted by friends and family takes first priority over any pages you have liked.

At ChiroWay, we use Facebook to not only post educational material, but also to share important updates such as emergency close dates for the location you follow, any holiday hours changes, and other pertinent information. This means we want you to know how to keep us in your News Feed!

To be sure you continue to see our posts, head over to your home location’s Facebook page using the links below, click the “Liked” dropdown, then under the ”In your news feed” section, select the “Default” option.

That’s it! We suggest you do this for your home ChiroWay center’s Facebook page, and any other pages you would like to keep up with. Facebook makes frequent changes, so we will do our best to update you as needed!

Click the links below to visit your home ChiroWay center’s Facebook page:

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