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Holiday Stress

At ChiroWay, we focus a lot on stress and the effects it can have on our health and body. Typically, we talk about stress in regards to its three categories: physical, chemical, and emotional. In this blog, we will discuss another category due to its relevance to this time of year: Holiday Stress!

The holidays can bring many different environmental stressors to the table all at once. From the excessive desserts to the difficult relatives, the stressors that we experience over the holiday season can overcome our body’s ability to handle them. As we have read about in the past, stress causes vertebral subluxation which inhibits us from reaching optimal health.

If there is anytime of year we need to be getting our spines checked for vertebral subluxation, it is during the busy holiday season. Do yourself and your family a favor and call your nearest ChiroWay to learn more about how you can help get your body through the holiday stress.

Written by: Drew Fautsch, DC | ChiroWay of Maple Grove

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