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Chemical imbalances in your body?

The cells within our body can make certain amounts of certain chemicals at any point in time. There are many different glands and organs within our body producing these different chemicals and hormones 24/7. Your adrenal glands, for example, make just the right amounts of adrenaline and cortisone the body needs at that moment. Another example are the organs in your digestive system. They create chemicals that help us breakdown and extract vital nutrients from the foods we eat.

When vertebral subluxation is present, those cells, glands and organs may or may not be able to produce the right amounts of these chemicals. This can create chemical imbalances within our body, and in turn, our body is no longer able to function in a state of harmony.

Chiropractic care removes vertebral subluxation so your cells can make proper amounts of these chemicals, and in turn, your body is back to functioning in a state of harmony. Visit your ChiroWay chiropractor this week to ensure optimal function within your body!

Written by: Blake Bredeson, DC | ChiroWay of Elk River

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