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Checking Your Tire Pressure

Our vehicles are complex systems with a lot of moving parts that need to all be working together for us to get the most life out of our vehicle.

When we have something as simple as low tire pressure, it throws off all of those moving parts. We may wear out our other tires more quickly, or get lower gas mileage. And while our car is still drivable, and still gets us where we need to go (hopefully), it is no longer functioning at 100%.

The same is true for our bodies. We can walk around (and we all do) with subluxation that is caused by stress. And while we can still get by in life, our bodies are not functioning at 100%.

We are much better off having our spines checked regularly by a chiropractor to remove subluxation. This helps allow us to get the most out of our life, and is true for all people of all ages.

Visit a ChiroWay near you to find out more about how your body can benefit from regular chiropractic adjustments!

Written by: Kaley Jacobsson, DC | ChiroWay of Monticello

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