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Blocked Nerve Communication

When there is a blood vessel transporting the blood supply to your heart, do you think a 10% blockage is a good or bad thing? How about an 80% blockage?

The truth is, there is a difference between the two scenarios, but both involve a decreased blood supply to the heart and most of us wouldn’t even notice the difference between a 10% and 80% blockage! In either case, the heart cannot function as well as it would if there was not a blockage.

Similarly, when a spinal nerve is “blocked” by a vertebra, the spinal nerve will not be able to communicate and function as well as it should without you being able to feel the blockage. Regardless of if the nerve has been blocked for years, months, or days, 10% or 80%, we cannot feel the difference and it can cause a decrease in your overall function.

Visit your ChiroWay chiropractor on a regular basis to receive a spinal evaluation and adjustment to be sure your nerve system can function at its very best.

Written by: Danielle Berger, DC | ChiroWay of Duluth

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