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Welcome to ChiroWay

ChiroWay was founded in 2010 as one location in Woodbury, MN and has since expanded to 8 locations, all of which are individually owned and operated by licensed chiropractors. Our chiropractors focus on the correction of vertebral subluxation which can develop from external stress that we encounter on a daily basis and may interfere with your quality of life.


More Information about Us:

1. ChiroWay is convenient. With walk-ins welcome and visits that include minimal wait time.

2. ChiroWay is affordable. Add chiropractic care to your lifestyle at a fee you can afford.

3. ChiroWay is honest. We tell you what we can & can’t do for you. No grey areas.

4. ChiroWay is caring. We call it chiropractic CARE because we CARE about you.

5. ChiroWay is energetic. Warm, energetic offices serving positive adjustments.

6. ChiroWay is passionate. Our passion is chiropractic & keeping you at your best

7. ChiroWay is lively. Improving your quality of life, one adjustment at a time.

8. ChiroWay is valuable. We value providing value to you, your family, and your friends.

9. ChiroWay is strong. Strength in a community of people who get stronger each visit.

10. ChiroWay is transparent. Flat fees mean no hidden fees.


Our Innovative Approach to Chiropractic Care is Made For You

Come Experience the Benefits for Yourself